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All Bible students are by the very nature of things 'works in progress' and correspondence between people is an excellent way to learn from others of their experiences and understandings; the great value in this is seen where specific questions are asked and considered and then carefully reasoned answers are shown from the scriptures.

As we go through life forever looking for and learning more of the glories revealed to those who seek Bible answers, we love to share our beliefs and experience with others. It is our hope and prayer that readers will gain further insights as they read through the following letters.
Correspondence between A.D.Norris and Russell Gregory with responses from other members of the Nazarene Fellowship.

Aspects of The Atonement. A Compilation of lectures, reviews and correspondence.

Correspondence between David Nodding and Ray Gregory on the various understandings of the expression "As in Adam all die".

Correspondence between Grant Pearce and members of the Nazarene Fellowship

A Lesson For The Teachers Writer, Helen Brady. This contains a letter written in 1998 to the leaders of a Christadelphian Seminar called “Reading the Bible Effectively” and also their reply which reveals complete misunderstanding of what we believe. We can only leave it to the reader to decide whether or not such misunderstanding on their part is deliberate or just a result of confusion.

A Report on Meeting with a Christadelphian Study Group. Writer, John Stevenson with subsequent correspondence from three others. This booklet deals mainly with The Atonement but also shows some faults with the Christadelphian Statement of Faith - (BASF).

Correspondence between A. Allfree and Russell Gregory with further comment by Phil Parry.

Correspondence between George Armonis and Russell Gregory with further comment by Phil Parry.

Correspondence Between Dr John Thomas and Lancelot Burrus. On a number of occasions Dr Thomas stated that there was no physical change in the nature of Adam and Eve at the “Fall.” We are grateful to a Christadelphian friend for locating an early reference to this matter in the correspondence section in “The Herald of The Kingdom and Age to Come” for July 1855.

Correspondence between T. Williment and E. Brady.

Ernest Brady to A.H.Nicholls. In which Ernest Brady considers various aspects of an article entitled “For Whom Christ Died” which appeared in the Christadelphian magazine for August 1971. The editor, A.H.Nicholls, says he hopes that the theme of the atonement will now cease to be a subject of controversy. However, Ernest Brady points out some unscriptural statements and statements which contradict earlier Christadelphian writings which will dash any such hope.

Ernest Brady to Clifford Pryde. A reasonable reply to an astonishing letter!

Ernest Brady to Dr H G Wood. Dr Wood is the Author of "Belief and Unbelief Since 1850." While Ernest Brady set out his case very clearly, the reply from Dr Wood was somewhat disappointing.

Ernest Brady to Dr W R Matthews. The letter to Dr Matthews, the Dean of St Paul's Cathedral is very clear but the reply showed little hope of further discussion. However, also included is a letter from a certain Mr Bath who considered Ernest Brady's letter to be sheer blasphemy!

Ernest Brady to John Carter on Why Christ Died. God did not punish Jesus for His nature nor did He inflict punishment upon Him instead of us. Jesus voluntarily went to a death which He could have avoided, in the knowledge that He was thereby carrying out the pre-determined purpose of God to buy man back from the dominion of sin by the payment of the debt, of life, incurred in Eden.

Ernest Brady to Richard Mellowes. This letter to Richard Mellowes was written in response to an article of his published in “The Testimony” magazine for December 1984 entitled “Christ’s Sacrifice and God’s Righteousness.” Ernest Brady demonstrates the weaknesses in Richard Mellowes reasoning which leads him to wrong conclusions.

Ernest Brady to Viner Hall. Both Dr.Thomas and R.Roberts admit that Adam was corruptible and capable of death at his creation. They contradict the teaching that the imposition of physical death was the penalty of sin. Viner Hall speaks of Christ as having sin-impregnated-flesh, but there is no Scripture which justifies anyone of speaking of sin-impregnated-flesh in either Christ or any man.

Open Letter to Sutton Coldfield Christadelphians. Writer, Russell Gregory. In attending a Christadelphian seminar on “Reading the Bible Effectively” I was given a warm welcome even though I had been disfellowshipped and I was able to freely join in discussion and observations. Only when someone from another ecclesia came to speak was there any ill-feeling. However, after the seminar was ended I felt constrained to write this open letter and send to each member of the ecclesia.

The Last Writings of Dr Thomas with Comment and Appendix. The thoughtful reader will realise that the Christadelphian Community we know today is far removed from anything Dr Thomas envisaged.

You Have Been Warned. Correspondence between Mrs J.A.French and John Carter. Letters to John Carter, editor of the Christadelphian magazine and his reply.

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