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It has often been said that public debates on religious beliefs is no way to convince others to change their minds. This is perhaps why such debates are rarely heard of today. Nevertheless many such debates have been recorded in the past and we can all learn something from them.
A Trinity Debate - between Rev. J. O. West M.A., Rector of St Philips and St Jacob and Mr J. Tod - A Christadelphian.

"I know of no process so well adapted to that end than for men of thought and sober feeling, strong in their convictions and firm in their opinion, for those men both in public and in private to be willing to compare notes to bring the best they know to the bar of judgment and to ask their fellow men and women to consider their opinions and to bring their judgement to bear upon the question at issue. That is what we purpose to do tonight." - Chairman

Brother Ernest Brady and W.F.Barling - The Netherton Debate, May 1949

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