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Every author wishes his work to be recognised and well received whatever his subject may be but for the writers of religious publications he or she must be prepared for some opposition to any views expressed. To be helpful a reviewer must be positive in building up a very good reason for expressing any sort of doubt or opposition. In this case one must have a very clear understanding of their subject and a competent ability to express their viewpoints acceptably. A good review will contribute to understanding the subject dealt with to the benefit of all. In the reviews which follow we hope this aim has been achieved.
Anthony Hone Review of "The Nature of Christ"

The very first paragraph gives away the whole article when Mr Hone says that "This subject . . . concerns matters on which we were all instructed and understood before we were baptised." If only this were true then controversy about this matter would surely be a rare thing. However, the writer continues by saying the opposite - that this matter has given rise to more controversy than any other subject.

The fact is that almost all applicants for baptism are misled on the nature of Christ and of all mankind. When they eventually realise such teaching is not to be found in the Bible they ask awkward questions which cannot be satisfactorily answered.

A Review of John Launchbury's book "Change us Not God"

A better title would have been - "Biblical Meditation on the Death of Jesus".

Review of "The Defilement of Human Nature and its Cleansing in Christ. The Christadelphian Position vindicated"

A Review of Stan Snow's book "Nottingham Revisited"

One of the most incredible events in Christadelphian history took place in 1873. Robert Roberts disfellowshipped Dr Thomas! This was, of course after Dr Thomas had died so it was a posthumous disfellowship - if such a thing is possible.

It can be seen by articles published in the Christadelphian magazine and correspondence published elsewhere that Dr Thomas was teaching something different during the last few years of his life regarding human flesh and during his last illness he said to a close friend of his "If the Lord spares me I shall go over to England and get hold of Roberts paper and publish the truth."

This was never to be - although there have always been a few in Christadelphia who hold on to these truths in the hope of helping a few others as the Lord will.

A Review of “Life and Death – The Consequences of Adam’s Sin and Their removal in Christ”. Writer, Eric Cave.

Being an analysis of Brother Chris Maddocks' series published in “The Testimony” magazine, June to September 1999, together with correspondence between Eric Cave and The Editor. This revision contains a follow-on Editorial from A. Benson and a further letter in response to it by Eric Cave. A reply concludes the booklet.

A Review of The Slain Lamb - Writer, F.J.Pearce.

In his lecture entitled “The Slain Lamb”, Robert Roberts fails to overthrow Edward Turney’s lecture on “The Sacrifice of Christ” and indeed it is difficult to find anywhere he actually confronts the arguments put forward.

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